angelica coliat

Before, when I was a kid  I always dream of seeing the snow and travel the world. My dream came true when Work and Travel Program has been presented to us. POEC made it happen. Thanks to them. It was a great experience for students like me. Especially when it comes to training and acquiring knowledge and skills. Cultural differences really teaches me a lot of things. Adapting to weather and new environment has been the greatest challenge. But nonetheless, I survived. With the help of God, my parents and the people behind POEC I made it all. It was priceless. All the memories shared, the friendship has been made, it was all worth it.

The money doesn’t count, you can gain it through hard work but the experience, the learning all of it cannot be replaced by money and material things. This program really molded me as a person. It gave me a lot of self confidence, and made a better person. Being responsible is one thing that I’ve learn through this internship abroad. It was a great experience. Thanks POEC for helping WAT participants to overcome their fears and letting them shine on their own. You can really make things happen POEC. Thanks for the exceptional service that you have given us.

To all students out there, don’t miss your chance to be in this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the land of wonders. USA.