Jean aldayAs student, studying at the LPU – Batangas taking the course of bachelor of science in international travel and tourism mgmt, I am very honored to be part of the work and travel program in the united states of America. It molds me to be more productive in my chosen field and allows me to learn more about the industry. Memorable place, valuable experience, good teamwork with my co-workers, time management, friendship, outstanding quality service, being independent and much more to enumerate. All those words are not enough to describe how I value my 3 and a half months of stay in the US. It was really amazing to be part of the work and travel program with the help of POEC consultancy international inc.

Among its competitors, I may say that I chose the right agency who will handle everything that involves my work and travel, they provide us good service and guide us until we reached the United states, they never leave us behind and if there is something wrong we can easily contact them through Skype or face book for help.

NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS HOW HAPPY IAM TO HAVE A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS, it is like I’m living my dream and it worth all the hard work that I have earned while at the states. I know there is no easy job, before I went to US I expected that my life will be boring and full of burden. well, I chose it as a challenge for myself, but all of a sudden my expectation was wrong? Arizona which is part of US, exceed my expectations.. Happiness is all I felt when I was living there, all my negative expectation turns into positive and I felt very blessed because despite of all the wrong doing that I’ve done as a person, God has given me the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.