jaycelle luchavezThank you so much for everything your agency help me achieve my American dream. My work and travel experience is such a treasure that I will keep forever. This opportunities stretches me beyond my capacity as an individual working in a national park helps me pushes my limit to their boundaries such as hiking for 11miles back and forth to BEAR PAW camp around the park, have a wild tour on CRYSTAL CAVE. Explore the vast land of CREASENT MEADOW where you can see the THARPS LOG,CHIMENY LOG, SCAVENGGERS CABIN and the GENERAL SHERMAN TREE the biggest tree in the world.

I also meet and make friend from different nationalities that I work with. Such as Mexican, Ukrainian, Jamaican and Chinese exchanging culture to each other helps us understand how unique each country and people are. During my last month I spend the time helping my uncle around his mission trips around California. First we went to SANTA CRUZ BOARD WALK where i experience the celebration of the independence day on the 4th of July, then we when to CAYOTE LAKE in GILROY for a water activities. Who would imagine I simple girl like me would do ski and wakeboarding. Then to LOS GATOS to see the CAPITOLA BEACH, and lastly i attended a SPORTS CAMP in UC DAVIS.

I was able to see our family friends from SOQEUL, SAN JOSE and SAN FRANCISCO. I’ve also watch a RODEO in SALINAS RODEO SPORTS COMPLEX, pretty much I ‘am everywhere in California and every place that I went I always have something to experience. Experience that teaches me to become who I’ am, pulls me out of my safety box and thought me to live life to the fullest each day. For those who take time to read this and your looking for some adventures that will change your life the way you see it then i am challenging you to sign up and join the work and travel program at POEC.

Thank you so much POEC because of your program I never looked at myself and life the way it used to be. Continue to help more dreams to come true and may the lord bless your agency more.