Company History

Since 2003, the Pearl of the Orient Educational and Career (POEC) Consultancy International Inc. has been providing global training and professional development programs for students and professionals. The company offers an exchange, work and travel, immersion, study, IAESTE, and other programs that provide an avenue for clients to have international experience. It offers the kind of services that will define the lives of every participant through the exchange of experiences and cultures. Each participant in the program is assured of being given the chance to pursue their passion through enhancement of their skills, to open their minds to life-changing opportunities, to excel in their respective crafts, and to ignite their commitment to their work.

The company’s main branch is located in Cebu City as it also maintains an office in Makati City for Luzon and another one in Bacolod City for the Western Visayas.

POEC aims to be the leading cultural exchange and international training provider organization, giving services that connect the Filipinos to the world, which is highly indispensable in this present age of globalization.

What We Strive

Our Mission

Exchanging Experiences; Exchanging Cultures; “Defining Lives”

Our Vision

To be the Leading cultural exchange / international training provider organization in the Philippines

Core Values

Passion, Open to life changing opportunities, Excellence and Commitment