Enchantment is a very nice place like paradise, it’s very peaceful and you can see the beauty of the red rocks. Just like Enchantments Mission “Creating memories beyond Expectation”. My agency the “POEC” they make memories that would last forever. For without them, I can’t experience and try American culture. They guide me from my first step of application until I arrive in US, and back here in Philippines. I am very thankful to my agency for without them going to USA by myself would be difficult. Thank you so much POEC especially to Ma’am Marie and Sir JR for guiding, reminding and always informing me.

What makes Enchantment enchanted are the people/employees working in the company, and so as POEC.

Thank you so much POEC, for all the guidance. To ma’am Marie who always remind me, guide me and became my friend. POEC staff is very friendly and you won’t feel out of place because they are very accommodating and they treat you like their son/daughter as what Ma’am Marie treat me, they never fail to guide us. Because of them I was able to experience and try American culture. You’re molding us into a better individuals. Thank you so much all POEC staffs especially to my POEC mama, ma’am Marie.. I will never forget you. Thank you..

You are creating memories that goes forever. POEC..



University of  San Carlos